Friday, December 21, 2007

X'mas round d corner

Xmas round d corner.. but I'm just as excited as most people would be.. on that eve,I'll be hanging out with my friends... and on the day, I'll be with my family...

Suddenly, felt that in this world, i always know that I'm not the most unfortunate person but can't help that, compare myself to my siblings, to my dear true friends, I'm still lonely.. in my heart... comparing a lot of my quality with those around me, I don't sees any good of me...

I wanted to work hard, to improve it all, but somehow, it always fails or does not work...

I hoped that one day my dreams and wishes come trues.. and that day, I'll be happy and content with no worries...

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Full House Rox!!!

Just 2 days ago,i finished watching 2004 K-drama,Full House, casted by Song Hye Kyo, Rain(Bi),Kim Sung Soo and Han Eun Jeong.

It's a great show and very addictive too. lol.. i would definitely re-watch it all over I love the ending of the drama too..The OST of the drama were very nice especially, "I think I" by Byul, "Why" by Rain(Bi), and Geu Deh Ji Geum. I love dramas that contains comedy and romance at the same time.. it so funny yet so

Monday, September 17, 2007

My Jack Russel Terrier,Amber

Such Adorable Expressions!

Smile! =]

Amber In Her Shirt =)

Ok, as i have mention b4, my family had adopted a female, 2 1/2 yr old jack Russel terrier,actually,she's only 1 yr 6 month old..

And she's so cute... all of us, loved her so much... We took quite some numbers of her photograph..and here's some to show...

Sunday, August 05, 2007

High School Musical Still ROxs and is on the House Soon!!!

Yeah! High School Musical is still rocking on and the sequels (High School Musical 2)is up soon in USA on 17 Aug 2007...

Hoping it'll arrive here soon..

Monday, July 23, 2007

New Puppy

Hey,i'm back with an exciting story here...about 2 weeks ago,i adopted a new puppy. A 2 1/2 yr old white and brown Jack Rusell Terrier named Amber. She's very small in size but is hyper active and abmitions. She's quite a unqiue dog for her breed as normally, normal JRT would either have both ears up and tall or dropping down. but not hers,she has 1 ear up and another dropping down which we find it unqie,special and cute.
Since the 1st day she came to our family,me, my sister and my brother have been taking care of her since then. Since the 3 of us are her owner or master, everyday, 3 of us,each has our own roles and task that is in charge of.
For me,i am the "care and responsible giver". I have to take care of her food,water and to maintain her health as she's a "heaty body" type of conditions. Every morning, before i go to school,i have to bring her out for a walk. As she is toilet trained outdoors,it's a must for me to bring her out every morning so that she can pees and poo. Also, when she's being naughty and pees or poo at home,i have to do the cleaning.
For my brother, he is the "playmate". As my brother is younger and better in spots and playing, he plays with amber, games like tur of war and fetch. He also has to take her out on a walk,often in the afternoon. Other than that, my brother also sometimes has to be in charge of cleaning her pees and poo at home when we're not at home as our parents are not allow to help us take care of her.
For my sister, she is the "baby-sister" who will train her mostly(even though 3 of us has to train her), and to coax her to sleep every night. She also has to take note of the stock of Amber's food, pet sheets and doggie snacks. When the stock is out, me and my sister will have to go buy and store it up.
Also every evening the 3 of us we try to take Amber out to walk. As it's cooler in night, 3 of us often spent longer time. And every thursday and sunday,me and my sister will have to bath her to keep her clean and refreshing.
Amber,although sometimes creates trouble and being naughty,but there's a sweet,cute,adorable side of her. Sometimes,she's quite obedience too...

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sch Reopen for a week already..

Finally,school reopen..i had a boring holidays..
But it was relaxing..
Now,sch reopens..quite stressful...going to school is no longer as relax as the past..
But i'm learning to cope with stress,sch work,exams and of coz obstacles..

I am so looking forward to graduating.. there's still about 9 months more to go...

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Wow,S.H.E has released their latest album-Play
It rox!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Unhappy Incident

A new school Terms has started..
Although some unhappy incident happen last week...but today onwards,i'll try to face it, calmly, bravely and with right decisions..
I'll try to change all my bad points.. but, end of the day, i'm still me..
Best of all, i'll try to improve on how to express my own feelings and thinkings instead of crying when felt sad,angry and so much to explain.
PS: I'm still me, no matter what others think, i am still me. If they hates me, i got no choice because friends will take in your good points as well as your bad points..

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tomorrow's the result day

Well,2 weeks since the start of holidays have pass. Tml is the result day and i pretty nervous about my result.. Wonder how did i do it for this time round.. Praying hard that it's ok.. Another 2 more weeks,my holidays will end. I'm gonna enjoy this holiday and get myself ready for a brand new me,and a brand new semester..

Friday, March 02, 2007

Exams Coming~~~~

Well,times flew fast...just a wink and here arrives march... Exams just around the corner...everyone must be really busy preparing for exams.. glad that all of projects were cleared just in time.. Now,just recently, i got to know my marks for my EVM projects, i got a high B. but i am aiming for an A. But as for what i'm told from my teacher,i have to score 95 marks and above for my exam in order to get an A. Omg...that's really hard... We are a bage of unfortunate Business Admin student because after last bage's took their paper and were telling how easy their paper is,this year onwards, all our paper were set really hard.. And really unfortunately, we are the 1st bage to took this hard paper... Omg!!! Haiz.. no choice.. got to really push to the limit to score an A. Yesterday,i went with my sis and mum to Vivo City to visit tian ling at work. When we arrive, she's alone in the shop. We chat with her for awhile while she shows us her "customer service skills". After that, we went window shopping. as we window-shop, i saw tian ling's having her dinner alone in the shop. Poor tian ling, can really tells she's lonely and struggling. After window-shop, went back to tian ling's shop, and asked if the boss wanna hire part-timers, a pity, she does't want to hire any at the moment. till around 9.30pm went stright home. On the way to MRT stations, receive an SMS from tian ling, can sense from her SMS she's quite sad and disappointed. Hope that she's alright. Anyway, it's quite a tiring yet fun trip to Vivo City. Hope that everyone will be doing fine.. Arrive at home, take a bath, then stright away, i watched the repeat of 100% entertainment. Wow, they were having Hana Kimi's Celebrations. Wu Chun were really naughty to keep disturbing Jiro. Danson's facial expression and reaction were quite cute. Though he seems a bit off.(Blur) after watching, went to bed at 2.30pm. And woke up quite late this morning at 12.15pm... got to get ready for my CCA later.. Cya..

Monday, February 05, 2007

My latest updates-pix of Danson Tang Yu Zhe

Been some times since i update my entries..
well,this few days been a little busy...of course with school work...
a lot has happen for this past few weeks..
a week ago,taiwanese idol actress Beastie Hus Wei Lun met with an car accident and had died. All her celebrities friends and family were heart-broken.
Then i just finish watching Zhong Ji Yi Ban, a taiwan Idol drama acted by, Jiro Wang, Arron Yan, Calvin(Fahrenhiet Members) and Danson Tang Yu Zhe. Cool SHow.. And am looking forward to thier second season, Zhong Ji Yi Jia.
Still catching up on Latest Taiwan Idol Drama, Hana Kimi (Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu), Acted by Jiro Wang, Wu Chun(Fahrenheit member) and Danson Tang Yu Zhe. Very nice..and it's gonna boardcast on singapore's channel U on the 15/2/07, mon-fri at 7pm. i am really excited over it.
Been listening to Danson Tang's 1st song, , the ending song of Zhong Ji Yi Jia.Very nice song. At the same time,his new song is his 1st song that is going to be record in his first debute albums.
PS: his 1st debute album is in the process of recording songs...
My own event held on 2/2/07 just over. I was lucky that it went smoothly although there's a slight delay. And i just finish helping out my classmate's group's event yesterday. i felt a great statifiations.
Up-coming will be my ETP presentations and BCM individual Presentations. I have only started on my BCM individual powerpoint slides a few days ago while my ETP group presentations is going to start as soon as possible as we are going to present soon next week.

And last saturday,i have went to IMM to watch! a lot of fans were there for fahrenheit autograph sessions..i am suppose to go for it as well but ended up watching from the side because there's such a long i didn't went up the stage to get the autograph..what a pity,somemore i did bring along fahrenheit album that day...

ok..i gtg...take care..

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Very slack school weeks

Today,again,i went to school and slack...didn't really had any lessons becoz of CCA fair, talks, events and trips going on and in school...

today went to a talk organised by my fren's classmates..a talk about eh...SPI people showed us photos and videos..
We gets to know quite some info abt what is SPI all about..

then,after my talk,i went to canteen and wait for a little while,had my lunch,then i went to the CCA fair. went to MPH,waiting..then finally,watch my seniors( from my CCA, studio recording) performing...senior indeed..they are really up to standard whereas i still got to brush up a lot on my skills and a lot more to learn..haha..

after the talk,went back to teacher was busy with his stuff,our class just sat in classroom doing nothing...
30 mins gone and went to e nxt lessons,finish up the assessment given by the teacher and meet up with agatha and head back home~

slacking day,yup...

Monday, January 08, 2007

1st day of sch in 2007

Ok,normally,today is the 1st day of sch for all students in singapore(n maybe other countries too) but for me,yes,it's my 1st day of sch in 2007,but not my 1st day of sch in my 1st yr in ITE...for me,it's been half e yr alreayd,so i felt kinda new...haha...cause i don hv such experiences in the past..this is counted as my 1st it's kinda fresh to me..

Holidays over,school days back...just came to school reopening,a lot of things coming up,like projects,exams..and the one i fear most is oral presentations because i don't have much confident in that...

i hope everything will be just fine for everyone n myself..

just gotta go..take care,all of u out there..

Monday, January 01, 2007


Yeah,Finally...The Year 2007 has arrived...
thinking back in 2006,a lot has happen...and of cause,i have gain a lot and lost some...
but i am happy with my results in 2006..
now,i have new goasl to acheive in 2007...i hope that all my wishes will come true..and hope that my life in 2007 will be even better...